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Type: icebreaker, name learning game
Number of players: five or more
Location: in a circle
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Radio is a simple game that requires no equipment. It can be used as icebreaker and as name learning game.


No equipment is required to play the game.


The players are sitting (or standing) in a circle, one player ("A") is in the middle of the circle. Another player ("B") is selected to start the radio transmission. He selects a third player ("C") and tries to radio with him. To do so, he holds his hands like antennas next to his head and says:

B calling C

Of course, he uses the correct names of both himself and the person he calls. Now, A has to touch player C before C can forward the transmission to yet another player ("D"):

C calling D

and so forth. The players shouldn't make it too easy for A to touch the called player; for instance, the caller should NOT look in the direction of the called person.

If A can handle to touch the called player before he can complete to forward the call, those two players change positions.