Behind the curtain

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Behind the curtain
Type: icebreaker, name learning game, attention game
Number of players: arbitrary
two groups
Location: arbitrary, but best at a door frame
Equipment: one opaque blanket
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Behind the curtain is a simple icebreaker, that requires speed, fast reactions and good memory. It also serves as name learning game. To play the game, all players should have heard the names of all players; it cannot be played by players who have no idea what the other players' names are.


You need one opaque blanket to play the game (or something similar to separate to people so they can't see each other).

The game is best played at a door frame, with one group on each side of the door. If you cannot use that, you have to separate the groups in such a way they can't see each other.


The two groups are selecting one player each. Those players are both standing on "their" side of the blanket so they can't see each other. Those to players should also not be able to see the other players of the other group. Then, the referee drops the blanket so both players can see each other. Both have to shout the name of the other player as soon as possible; the faster player earns a point for his team.