Name juggling

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Name juggling
Type: icebreaker, name learning game, coordination game
Number of players: about 5 to 20
Location: small playing field
Equipment: {{{Equipment}}}
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: present all Names

Name juggling is an ice breaker game (name learning game) and coordination game. All players should have heard each other's names, the game is then good for better memorizing them.


You need several smaller balls easily distinguishable (by color, shape, size, etc.)


The players are standing in a circle. The first ball (say, the blue one) is put into the game by the referee. He is thrown from player to player. The throwing player first says the name of the player he throws the ball too, and only then actually throws the ball. This is continued until each player got the (blue) ball once. Then, another round is started, where the (blue) ball is again shot in the same order between the participants.

After a few rounds, another ball (say, the red one) is added. Just as the first ball, it is passed around in a constant ordering (but one different from the "blue" ordering). It can happen that one player gets to balls at the same time. He has to manage to catch both, and pass each of them on in the correct direction. Of course, even more balls can be added. That can get quite confusing!

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