Chain of balls

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Chain of balls
Type: coordination game, icebreaker
Number of players: around 5 to 20
Location: small playing field
Equipment: small (juggling) balls
Duration: arbitrary, a few minutes
Preparation: none

The chain of balls is a coordination game. It is often used as icebreaker.


  • a few small balls, for instance juggling balls, or other things that can be easily be thrown and caught.


The players are standing in a circle. The referee starts with one ball and throws it to another player (it should be thrown in a way easy to catch). Before throwing, he calls the name of the player he intends to catch the ball. Once this person has caught the ball, he selects another player, calls his name, and throws the ball to him. This is continued until the last person passes the ball back to the initial player. Then, another round is started: everybody is passing the ball to the same person again!

When a few rounds are completed this way, the referee adds more balls to the game. They are passed in the same way, but of course they make the game more complex. The more balls the group can handle concurrently, the better (ideally it can handle as many balls as players in the group).

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