Fox and goose

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Fox and goose
Type: active game
Number of players: about 10
Location: small playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

Fox and Goose is a game for about 10 participants. If you have more players, you can of course play several games in parallel.


You don't need any equipment for this game.


One player is selected to be the fox, the others are the geese. The geese are standing in one line behind each other, holding the player in front on his shoulders.

The task of the fox is to catch the last goose of the line. The other geese have to try and prevent that for as long as possible. When the fox manages to catch the goose, the caught goose becomes the next fox, and the previous fox is the new head of the tail of geese.

Similar games

The game is similar to dragon's tail tag in groups.