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Type: active game
Number of players: about 8 or more
Location: adequate ground
Equipment: some ropes
Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
Preparation: mark areas (continents) with ropes

Continents is a active game that can be played in bigger groups. The players try to move other players to their area (continent).

Required equipment

You need some ropes to mark the border between the continents.


Cross two ropes on the floor to mark four roughly similar-sized areas, the "continents". If you have enough rope, you can also design the outside borders of the continents, but the border between the continents are most important.

Split the players into four groups, one for each continent.


The players of each continent try to pull people of the other continents to their area. Any player thus captured by another continent becomes a (loyal) member of that community, supporting it further on. This will result in all players finally standing in one single continent; that continent is the winner (and actually, all players on it: everybody)


The players could possibly give a name to their continent, first.


The game allows for many fights full of action. Take care that nobody is hurt! It is strongly suggested that the game is only played on a soft ground, for example on grass.

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