Lord of the castle

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Lord of the castle
Type: active game, fighting game
Number of players: about 5 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: ropes
Duration: around 10 minutes
Preparation: very short

Lord of the castle is an active game for groups of five people or more.


You need ropes or similar equipment to draw the outline of the "castle".


First, the castle is "designed" using ropes. The castle should neither be too big, nor too small (all players should be able to stand inside).

Then, one player is chosen to be the "lord of the castle" (typically, this is an older, responsible person). He is standing outside the castle, the rest of the crowd is inside. As soon as the lord starts the fight, everybody tries to throw other people out of the castle. Anybody who touches the floor outside of the castle is out of the game. The last person to remain inside the castle has won the round.

Of course, the lord (or other referees) have to ensure that the fights are not getting out of control. Pushing, pulling, lifting, etc. is allowed, but violence is not. Physical strength alone doesn't win the game; you also need dexterity, agility and luck! Also, whoever wins the round has to wait for at least one round to participate again.

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