Clap ball

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Clap ball
Type: ball game
Number of players: any number, usually 10
Location: small playing field
Equipment: Ball
Duration: arbitrary, a few minutes
Preparation: none

Clap ball is a simple ball game played in a circle.


One ball is needed to play the game. The ball should neither be too small nor too heavy, it should be easy to catch it.


The participants are standing in a circle. The ball is passed around among the players, in an arbitrary ordering. The ball should be thrown so the player the ball is passed to can easily catch it, so for instance neither too hard nor to low.

Any player that catches a ball that was passed to him has to clap in his hands once before catching it. If he fails to clap, or fails to catch the ball, he is out of the game (or earns a negative score point).

Combining it with other games

The game can easily be combined with other games like loved engaged married or red blue dead. Then, a player is not out of the game when he makes an error, but has several more "lives" to stay active.