Red blue dead

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Red blue dead
Type: dodgeball game
Number of players: 6 or more
Location: small playing field
Equipment: ball
Duration: as long as you like (several minutes)
Preparation: none

Red Blue Dead is a ball game (Dodgeball game) while standing in a circle.


You need one (soft) ball.


The participants are standing in a circle. The circle should be quite wide, there should be some gap between the players.

The ball is then passed around the circle. The players try to shoot each other (but the ball may only be shot so it can (easily) be caught (so, not towards the head, not too low, etc.).

Any player not catching the ball gets "red". When a red player fails to catch the ball, he becomes "blue". Finally, a blue player not catching the ball becomes "dead" and is out of the game.


  • You can allow shooting to any player in the circle, or just to the neighbor.
  • The colors "red" and "blue" can get handicaps assigned, so red players stand on one foot, and blue players stand on one foot and may only use one hand to catch the ball.