Chariot fight

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Chariot fight
Type: tag game
Number of players: 12 or more (in groups of three)
Location: small playing field
Equipment: one token for each group
Duration: arbitrary, a few minutes
Preparation: none

The chariot fight is a game for groups of 12 players of more. It is a variation of the game Dragon's tail tag played in groups of three players.


Each group of three needs a tokes. Often, a neckerchief, cap, short rope or similar is used.


The three players form a chariot. Two players are in front representing the horses. They tightly hold each other. The third player is the horseman. He also tightly holds his horses, best at their belt. The token of the chariot is put in the horseman's belt (or rear trouser pocket).

After the game is started, the chariots try to steal the token of the other chariots. A chariot that has lost its token is out of the game. The last remaining chariot wins the round.


  • A chariot losing its token must not necessarily be out of the game. It can also compete without any token and try to catch another one. Each token stolen by a chariot has to be put in the rear pocket/belt as well, so it too can be stolen by other chariots.

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