Blindfolded soccer

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Blindfolded soccer
Type: ball game, trust building game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: small playing field
Equipment: ball, goal, blindfolds
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: prepare the field

Blindfolded soccer is a variant of soccer with additional handicap. It has also elements of a trust building game.

Required equipment

You need the following equipment to play the game:

  • a ball (for example, a soccer ball)
  • two goals
  • blindfolds for half of the players


Blindfolded soccer is played by the rules of soccer. Half of the players (of each team) are blindfolded, though. Only those players may shoot the ball. The other players support the blindfolded players (each blindfolded player is supported by one "seeing" player). Their task is to exactly tell the blindfolded players where to go, where the ball and the goals are and where to shoot. Of course, the also have to ensure nobody gets hurt, neither "their" blindfolded player, nor any other player.