Writing together

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Writing together
Type: Group dynamics game, coordination game
Number of players: about 6 to 20
Location: solid ground
Equipment: paper (poster size), colored pen (fat), rod, cords, sticky tape
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: a bit of handicraft work

Writing together is an exercise for group dynamics. The group has to try to write something with an oversized pen which is attached to cords. However, the group is only allowed to touch the cords, not the pen.


  • a big sheet of paper (poster size)
  • a fat colored pen (permanent marker, etc.)
  • a light rod, about a meter long (e.g. made of wood)
  • cords (about 2 metres long, one per participant)
  • sticky tape


The game coordinator fixes a rod to the pen with sticky tape. An oversized pen has been created. Then, cords are attached to the rod so that they are equally distributed over the whole length of the rod. It is advisable to fix these cords with sticky tape additionally.


The group is handed this oversized pen. The task is to write down a given text. They are only allowed to take the ends of the cords into their hands, one cord per participant. Afterwards, they form a circle. Even tension on the cords helps to make the pen float into all directions. By pulling to a certain direction, the pen can be moved. Now, the group has to work together to write on the paper provided. The game coordinator may set a text to write or leave the decision what to write to the group.