Wotan Schuh

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Wotan Schuh
Type: active game, icebreaker, singing game, dancing game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: standing in a circle
Equipment: none
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: none

Wotan Schuh is a dancing game for groups of any size. One player presents the text and moves, the others follow him.


You don't need any equipment for that game.


The participants are standing in a circle, having enough free space around them. One participant presents one line of text and the corresponding move, then the others follow him. Typically, the whole thing is repeated several times, with variations in speed or sound volume.


This text tries to transcript the pronunciation of the text; listen to the YouTube video below for the real version!

  1. wotan schuh
  2. para-skelite
  3. esken-peloten-poten
  4. onken-tonken, tonken-onken
  5. eten-teten, teten-eten

For each line, all previous lines are repeated, started with the new phrase. The whole song then goes like this:

wotan schuh
para-skelete, wotan schuh
esken-peloten-poten, para-skelete, wotan schuh
onken-tonken, tonken-onken, esken-peloten-poten, para-skelete, wotan schuh
eten-teten, teten-eten, onken-tonken, tonken-onken, esken-peloten-poten, para-skelete, wotan schuh


Each phrase is accompanied by a move:

  • wotan schuh: put the arms down, then back up to the shoulders, making a first
  • para-skelete: circle the arms in front of your chest
  • esken-peloten-poten: walk towards the center of the circle, then touch the right leg with your left elbow, then move back
  • onken-tonken, tonken-onken: shake your hip to the right and then left, while moving you hands above your head in the opposite direction of your hips
  • eten-teten, teten-eten: same as the previous move, but instead of moving hips left and right, move them to the back and to the front

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