Web of yarn

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Web of yarn
Type: icebreaker, name learning game, calm game
Number of players: about 8 to 20
Location: everywhere, sitting in a circle
Equipment: bundle (skein, spool) of yarn
Duration: about 10 minutes
Preparation: none

The web of yarn is an ice breaker game for groups of up to about 20 people.


  • a bundle of yarn


The participants are sitting in a circle (on chairs or on the floor). The Trainer is holding the end of the yarn. The tells something about himself (name, age, occupation; whatever you deem necessary). Then, he throws the bundle to another player. This player also holds the thread of yarn and tells the group the same things about him. Ten, the again passes on the yarn (but still holding the thread, of course).

This way, a web of the yarn is created. The web represents the bond among the group.

Then, the web is dissolved by reversing the throwing and rolling up the thread of yarn.