Wax pouring

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Wax pouring
Type: game of luck
Number of players: arbitrary, usually 2 to 10
Location: on a table
Equipment: candle, wax, large spoon, bowl of water
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Wax pouring is a variation of the game lead pouring, that is often played on New Year's Eve in central Europe. The symbols poured are said to predict the future. Pouring wax is far less dangerous than pouring lead, but you still have to take some precautions.


  • candle
  • wax to pour
  • large spoon
  • bowl of water


The players melt some wax on the spoon by holding the spoon above the candle. Then, they pour the wax into the bowl of water. The wax will solidify instantly. The resulting object is then "analyzed", all players guess what it could portray. Depending on the shape, the faith of the person pouring can be predicted.

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