Dough pouring

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Dough pouring
Type: game of luck, game with food
Number of players: arbitrary, usually between 2 and 10
Location: in a kitchen
Equipment: dough, cooktop, pan, oil, ladle
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Dough pouring is a variation of the lead pouring game, that is often played on New Year's Eve. The resulting objects are said to tell the fortune of the following year. In contrast to lead pouring, it is less dangerous and the objects can be eaten after the game!


  • dough, e.g. for pancakes (eggs, flour, milk, salt)
  • cooktop
  • pan
  • ladle (or bigger spoon)
  • oil


The players pour dough into the pan and bake the object. The object can be interpreted (what does it look like?). Some people believe it can tell your fortune of the approaching year.

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