Water transport

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Water transport
Type: relay game
Number of players: at least two groups
Location: outdoors
Equipment: two containers (pots, bowls, ...) of water per team
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: prepare a running track

Water transport is a relay game for several groups. The players might get wet, so it is best played on a warm day in the summer.


  • Each group needs two larger bowls of water. One of them is filled with water.
  • Depending on the variant of the game you chose, each player also requires a cup, a straw, etc. - or nothing)
  • If you want you can also prepare an obstacle course


You have to prepare a track along along that the water is transported; at least, mark starting and ending point by putting the respective water bowls there. You can also prepare an obstacle course in between, if you want.


The participants have the task to transport the water from one bowl to the other. They may only use the equipment given to them. Only one player of each time may be on his way to the other track.

You can decide for yourself what equipment you provide to the participants.

  • nothing (they have to transport the water in their hands or mouth)
  • cups
  • spoons
  • plates
  • etc.

The first group to fill their second bowl (or with most water in it after a certain time) wins the game.

Similar games

  • sponge relay: the participants also have to transport water, but are quite likely to get wet!