Sponge relay

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Sponge relay
Type: relay game
Number of players: 4 or more
Location: outdoors
Equipment: several water containers, one sponge per team
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: none

Sponge relay is a relay game for several teams. It can get quite wet, so it is best played in summertime on a hot day outside. It is a variation of the game water transport but the players are expected to get wet!


  • each group requires one water container (large pot, large bowl, ...). One of it is filled with water, the other empty.
  • additionally, each team requires one sponge


The players of each group sit (or stand) directly behind each other. In front of the first player, a bowl filled with water is put; another empty bowl is put right behind the last player of each group.

Once the game starts, the first player wets the spot in the water bowl and passes it on along the line of the group. The sponge has to move above the group's bodies and heads. The last player puts the (remaining) water from the sponge into the empty bowl and then returns the sponge. This is repeated until all the first bowl is empty (or until the game is stopped by the trainer after some time).

The team with most water in the bowl on the end wins the game.


Usually, the first player in the row will be quite wet while the players in the back wont be. You can avoid that: the last player carries away the (empty) sponge to the front and sits there, while all other players slide one position backwards. So, each time a new "first" player gets wet.

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