Two euros

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Two euros
Type: Group dynamics game
Number of players: 5 to 10
Location: seminar room or the like
Equipment: a two-euro coin or the like
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Two euros is a task for a small group. It is less a game than a challenge of group dynamics for the group. A group of five to ten players solves the problem. If there are more participants, they may take up the role as passive observers.

Required equipment

  • A two-euro coin (or the like) is required.
  • In addition, the group should have at their disposal material that is not specified but typically available in seminar rooms/classrooms/holiday camps, such as paper, glue, pens, etc.)


The procedure is quite basic. The group has to solve the following problem: "How much does a two-euro coin weigh (in grams)". The group has the entire material within the room at their disposal. Scales and the like are explicitly not allowed. The group should be creative and find a solution regarding how to measure the weight of the coin.

Of course, the correct solution of the problem is not important, but the strategy for arriving at a result is. The correct solution is 8.50 g.