The sinking ship

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The sinking ship
Type: active game
Number of players: any number
Location: playing field
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

The sinking ship is an active game for any number of players. It can be played anywhere, provided the players can move around freely.


You don't need any equipment to play the game. However, equipment available can be used during the game.


All players are on a "ship". They move around freely. Then, the referee shouts "The ship is sinking. Do .... to get rescued." He adds a task, that everybody has to fulfill as quickly as possible. Possible tasks are:

  • make knee bends
  • make push-ups
  • stand on one leg
  • don't touch the floor
  • to make a headstand
  • touch something red
  • touch somebody with the letter "A" in his first name
  • etc.

Whoever is not able to fulfill the task within reasonable time (a few seconds, depending on the task) is out of the game.