Team Trolley

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Team Trolley
Type: coordination game
Number of players: 5 or more
Location: small playing field
Equipment: prepare the skis (two wooden plank, leather or plastics laces)
Duration: short (a few minutes)
Preparation: prepare the skies

Team Trolley is a coordination game for smaller groups. Several participants at a time use the same pair of specially prepared skies to move forward. The game is somewhat similar to the tin can stilts race, but with the participants cooperating.

Equipment and preparation

For the game you need a special pair of ski. You will have to construct them yourself. Usually, two wooden plank are used and some leather or plastics laces are fastened. Prepare to fix them strongly, so they skis don't come apart within minutes.


The game itself is usually played by measuring the time the teams need to race an obstacle course (a short running track without obstacles might even suffice in the beginning). If you can prepare more than one pair, you can let several teams directly compete each other.