Tin can stilts race

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Tin can stilts race
Type: coordination game, relay game
Number of players: any number
Location: short racing track
Equipment: tin cans, ropes
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: prepare the tin can stilts

Tin can stilts race is a coordination game for any number of participants (provided they participate one after the other). It can be played in some kind of tournament or as relay race with several competing teams.


  • empty, stable tin cans, big enough so the participants can stand on top of them (but not too big).
  • ropes (about 5-10 millimeter diameter, 2-3 meters long)



The empty cans have to be prepared first. They are turned upside-down (their open hole facing down). On the side, near the top, two holes are drilled where the rope can be put through (first file off the holes so the metal does not cut the rope). When the ropes are put through the holes, one player can stand on two such cans (one for each foot, of course). Using the ropes, the player can step forward.


When playing, the participants try to finish a race track (probably even an easy obstacle course) while using their tin can stilts. Either each player races while his time is measured, or two players directly compete each other. You can also play a relay race with several competing teams.