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Taste Kim
Type: kim's game
Number of players: about 1 to 15
Location: everywhere
Equipment: blindfolds, spoon, different objects to taste
Duration: 10-20 Minuten
Preparation: none

The taste kim is a variant of the classic Kim's game, that addresses the tasting sense.


  • A blindfold for each player
  • About 8 to 10 different foodstuffs with a distinctive taste


All players are blindfolded. Then, everybody may taste the first foodstuff. Then, the group discusses, what taste it represents. Once it can be identified, the next taste is presented to the players.

Ensure that nobody has to taste something that he does not want (this is no test of courage). Remember that some people might be allergic to some substances!


  • The game can be combined with a Memory Kim. First, everybody can taste but nobody may tell what tastes he could identify. Then, all flavor have to be listed from memory by the group.

Similar games

  • The Olfactory Kim's game has a similar procedure, but the objects have to be smelled instead of tasted.