Switching names

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Switching names
Type: icebreaker, name learning game, attention game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: in a circle
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Switching names is a simple tag game that can be used as ice breaker game and to learn the names of the other participants.


No equipment is required for that game.


First, you have o ensure everybody knows each other's names.

The participants are standing in a circle. Always two players (let's call them A and B) are standing face to face (with a few steps distance). Those pairs of players are standing with some higher distance to each other in the room. One player is standing alone.

The player that is alone now calls the name of any other player (say, he calls A). Then, the partner of A (thus, B) has to move over to the single player. The called player (A) has to prevent him fro moving away. He may not step away from his current position, but try and react fast enough so he catches his partner before that reacts. It does not require much force to keep a player at your side; just touching him suffices. In the end, the is a single player again (either A if B manages to get away, or the previously single player). Then, the next round starts.