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Type: icebreaker
Number of players: at least 8 or 10
Location: sitting in a circle
Equipment: chairs
Duration: arbitrary (a few minutes)
Preparation: none

Stacking is a ice breaker game for groups of any size; it is played while sitting in a circle on chairs.


  • you need one chair for each participant to play the game.


All players are sitting in a circle. The trainer now calls an requirement, like "red hair", "older than 10 years", "wearing red socks", etc. All players fulfilling this requirement may move to the next chair (all in the same direction around the circle). If another player is already sitting there, he may sit on this player's lap. This creates stacks of player sitting on the same chair! When players are sitting in a stack, only the top one(s) may move to (if they meet the requirement).

Similar games

  • Occupied is similar, but played using playing cards and can be played with faster pace.