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Type: icebreaker
Number of players: at least 8, better more
Location: sitting in a circle
Equipment: chairs
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Occupied is an ice breaker game for groups of almost any size. It is played while sitting in a circle on chairs.


  • A chair for each participant.
  • A deck of cards (four different colors)


All players are sitting in a circle on chairs. Each one draws a card, remembers the color, and returns the card.

The trainer shuffles the stack of cards and draws a card. He announced the color. All the respective players have to move one chair to the right. If another player is already sitting there, he sits on his lap. Of such a stack of players, only the top-most player may move (provided he has got the correct color).

The first player to finish one full circle that reaches his own chair again wins the game.


  • You can also play with more or less colors.
  • You can play with "joker" cards. If such a card is drawn, all the top-most players may move on.

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