Sock robbery

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Sock robbery
Type: active game, coordination game
Number of players: five or more
Location: usually indoors, clean floor
Equipment: none (well, socks)
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Preparation: none

The sock robbery is a game for any number of participants. It is usually played indoors, on a clean floor.


Each player needs a pair of socks he can wear. It is usually best to play with special, larger socks that are worn in addition to their "normal" socks.


There are basically only two rules:

  • Don't hurt anybody else.
  • If you don't wear any socks any more, you are out of the game.

Be sure to discus and enforce rules what the players may do and what not. While holding each other, participants might otherwise get hurt, due to kicks, bruised knees, etc. That should not happen!