Shopping center

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Shopping center
Type: riddle
Number of players: any
Location: on a table, in a circle, etc.
Equipment: none
Duration: as long as it takes to solve it
Preparation: none

The shopping center is a riddle for any number of participants. Only one player needs to know the solution.


You don't need any equipment.


One player knowing the correct solution tells the following story:

I enter the shopping center.
There, I take the elevator to the second floor and exit to the right.
I shop for cars there.

This story is repeated several times, each with different floors and directions to exit. Each time, different things are bought. But, of course, not all goods are available on all floors.

The task of the participants is to find out what objects can be bought on which floor. Of course, nobody may tell the solution. If anybody suspects knowing the solution, he just goes shopping into his own shopping center and proves he knows what to find on which floor.


If you want to make the riddle even more complex, you can also use the escalator instead of the elevator from time to time.


Most fun is of course to find the solution during playing and guessing. However, if you need the correct solution right now, you can find it at shopping center/solution.