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Type: ball game
Number of players: 10-20
Location: playing field
Equipment: Ball (best an original Rugby "egg")
Duration: arbitrary, usually about 10 to 20 minutes
Preparation: mark the playing field

Rugby is a popular team sport, often played in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and other countries of the British Commonwealth. In simplified form it can also be played casually.


  • Ball (Rugby egg)
  • markers for the playing field
  • markers for the teams


Two teams compete each other. Their target is to bring the ball to the other end of the playing field. They may carry the ball and pass backwards (directing away from their target line). When the ball touches the ground, the other team may take it and start their attack.

Of course, the defending team may try to hinder the attacking team. You can adapt the actual rules the the capabilities of your participants. In this variant played as hobby, no force is allowed. So, for instance, you can define that simply touching an opposing player (that is carrying the ball) lets the team lose the attack, or that he has to pass on the ball immediately after being touched (within one second).