Powerpoint karaoke

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Powerpoint karaoke
Type: communication game, creativity game
Number of players: at least one active player. The passive audience can be of any size
Location: usually indoors
Equipment: computer, video projector, internet
Duration: a few minutes per presentation
Preparation: (optionally) download presentations

Powerpoint karaoke is a game for adults. It is designed to entertain the audience, but also trains the presentation abilities of the presenter.


  • Video projector
  • Computer
  • Internet connection (if none available, you can also prepare the presentations)


The basic idea is similar to what karaoke is to professional vocalists. You give a certain presentation (not necessarily using Microsoft Power Point, but that's one of the common tools) without actually being an expert in the topic presented.

The referee chooses a (voluntary?) participant that has to do the next presentation. Either the presenter himself or the audience may then request a certain topic. An internet search engine is then used to search for a presentation about that topic (when using google, you can add "filetype:ppt" to search for such presentations).

The first presentation found is used. The presenter has start his presentation immediately, without further preparation. After the presentations, a score can be voted by the audience, or you can play the game just for the fun of it.

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