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Type: game for the senses, trust building game
Number of players: any even number
Location: best outside
Equipment: none
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Photographer is not only a game, but can be used as method to inspire creativity and the trust among a group.


For this simple variant you don't need any equipment.


The players form pairs. In each pair, one is the camera, the other the photographer. The camera closes his eyes and is directed by the photographer. Of course, the photographer is responsible that the camera does is not hampered (or even endangered) by obstacles or other players.

The photographer has to find a worthwhile motif. He has to move the camera there and adjust its line of sight in the direction of the motif (by turning its head). When the photographer (softly) presses on the top of the head of the camera, it takes a photograph. Therefore, it may open its eyes for a few seconds and try to remember as many details as possible.

After a few such photographs taken, camera and photographer change role.

In a final round, the images taken can be described to each other. What motifs were remembered by the camera, and what details? Why was that motif chosen? Did the camera trust the photographer (and kept his eyes closed)? etc.