One minute

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One minute
Type: guessing game, kim's game
Number of players: any
Location: everywhere
Equipment: watch
Duration: a bit more than one minute :-)
Preparation: none

One minute is a simple guessing game and Kim's game. The participants have to guess how long exactly one minute lasts.


  • The referee requires a watch


The participants have to guess, how long one minute lasts. Of course, all clocks, watches and other objects that measure the time have to be hidden (and you may not hear the ticks of them!).

With the starting signal of the referee, the minute to be measured begins. When a player thinks the minute is over, he stands up. The referee watches the players standing up one after the other. He remembers the player that stood ab exactly when one minute was over (or the one that came closest to that moment).


The players can also move along a (bigger) room, in one line next to each other. Each players stops when he thinks one minute has passed after the starting signal. Again, the referee remembers which player cam closest to the actual end of the first minute. In the end, all players can see and compare, how much too early (or too late) they stopped.