Obstacle course

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Obstacle course
Type: trust building game, coordination game
Number of players: two or more
Location: can be inside or outside
Equipment: different obstacles
Duration: 20 to 30 minutes
Preparation: prepare equipment for the obstacles

An obstacle course is a trust building coordination game for pairs of players. One of them is blindfolded and has to complete the obstacle course, while the other guides him.


You need lots of different obstacles

  • ropes
  • tables, banks, chair
  • sheets of newspaper for "stepping stones" (like in a river)
  • and so on


Before the actual game, you have to prepare the obstacle course. This can either be done by the trainers beforehand, or by the participating players (they create an obstacle course for themselves). When the players create the obstacle course, you can add the element that the players to be blindfolded don't know the course, thus allowing only the "guides" to create and know the course.


The players team up in pairs. One of them is blindfolded. One pair after the other has to complete the obstacle course. The blindfolded player is supported by his partner, that guides him through the course. Whether the guide may touch his partner or the directions may only be given verbally depends on the abilities of your participants and the difficulty of the course.

Note that this should be a calm game, with focus on using one's senses and trust building among the pairs. There is no price for the fastest team!