No-go zone

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No-go zone
Type: Group dynamics game, coordination game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: outdoors (tree!) on soft ground
Equipment: a number of ropes, various small objects
Duration: about 10 to 20 minutes
Preparation: a few minutes

No-go zone is a group dynamics game or coordination game for groups of 10 to 20 participants.


  • at least two ropes of which one has to be thick enough to carry a participant
  • various small objects (balls, etc.)


The coordinator of the game attaches the end of the rope to a tree, tightly and at about breast height. There should be a few meters' space around the tree. A circular area around the tree (at least three meters) is marked with another rope.The objects are distributed within this zone, but they should not be within easy reach from the outside of the circle.


The group is instructed to fetch the objects from the separated area around the tree. The team members are not allowed to touch this area nor to make use of any further aids than the rope attached to the tree. Consequently, they have to develop a strategy together how to retrieve the items.