Newspaper dance

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Newspaper dance
Type: active game, coordination game
Number of players: any number, only pairs
Location: flat and dry floor
Equipment: newspapers, music
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Newspaper dance is a game for groups of any size, often played at children's parties. The participants compete in pairs against each other.


  • Each pair needs one sheet of newspaper (equal size for each pair)
  • Music


Each pair stands on the newspaper. They may only touch the newspaper but not the floor. As soon as the music is turned on, the pairs have to "dance" as best as possible. Any team touching the floor is out of the game.

After some time, the music stops and the referee orders the newspaper to be folded in half (teams may step on the floor during that time). Then, the music (and dancing) starts again. The team that manages to "survive" the dancing as last pair has of course won the game.