Multi volleyball

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Multi volleyball
Type: ball game, coordination game
Number of players: 4, 8 or 16
Location: (Volleyball) playing field
Equipment: ball, blankets
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: prepare the playing field (net, etc.)

Multi Volleyball is a coordination game similar to volleyball. Two groups compete each other.


  • Volleyball net (or at least a rope)
  • ball (tennis ball, real volleyball, etc.)
  • cloths (like blankets, scouting scarves, etc.)
  • probably markers for the playing field


The game is played by two competing groups. All groups split into pairs, each pair holds one of the blankets. The ball may be thrown and caught only using the blankets (the players may not touch the ball directly). The ball is thrown from one group to the other. The ball has to pass over the net and hit the floor of the opposing area; then, the group that shot the ball scores one point. The other team can try and catch the ball before it hits the ground; then, no team scores a point. In any case, the ball is then shot back by the other team then.

After some time, the team that scored most points wins the game.


  • You can try to use larger blankets that are held by more than two players.