Mine field

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Mine field
Type: brain game, Group dynamics game
Number of players: 2 and more; ideally 5 to 10
Location: small playing field
Equipment: writing things, field markings
Duration: about 10 to 30 minutes
Preparation: arranging the playing field

Mine field is a brain game for smaller groups.

Equipment and preparation

The game coordinator needs pen and paper. For the game, a playing field of the size of 7x7 elements is required (draughtboard pattern). Structured floors with tiles (about 20 x 20 centimeters in size) are particularly well-suited. If this kind of floor is not available, the field should be marked with chalk or sticky tape. The single elements should be as visible as possible, and one person should have enough space standing on it.


The participants are positioned at one side of the playing field and the game coordinator is on the opposite side. The latter thinks of a way through the mine field. It is only this way how the participants can cross the mine field safely.

Player after player may go for a try. After one step onto the mine field only immediate elements, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, are allowed to set foot on. The participant may try to find a way until s/he steps on a mine. Then, the game coordinator announces this person as knocked out. It is the next person's turn. Hopefully, the player memorized the way that has been found so far, as well as the mines, and makes better decisions. The aim is to find the correct way through trial and error. Eventually, the whole team has to take the safe way across the mine field in order to get to the opposite side of the playing field.

Degree of difficulty

The degree of difficulty can be altered by various factors:

  • the size of the playing field
  • allowed step sequence (e.g.: Are diagonal steps permitted? Do steps aback also count?)
  • are the team members allowed to communicate (or give hints while their colleague is on the field)
  • are the players allowed to discuss the strategy they want to pursue prior to the game phase

Similar games

  • Even though this basic version already contains aspects of group dynamics, there is an explicit group dynamics version, Mine field (group dynamic).