Little in the middle

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Little in the middle
Type: ball game, coordination game
Number of players: arbitrary
Location: small playing field (flat floor)
Equipment: several balls, one small object
Duration: several minutes per round
Preparation: none

Little in the middle is a coordination game with balls. It is played with two or more teams.


  • you need several balls (tennis balls, soccer balls, etc.)
  • additionally, you need one small object (bottle, cork, ...)


The two teams are standing on opposite ends of the playing field (not too fear away from the center, like 3-5 meters). They are standing behind a line that they may not cross. In the center of the playing field the small object is lying on the floor.

Using the balls, the teams then have to push the object across the line of the other team. Of course, the object may not be touched by anyone (it may not be pushed, it may not be stopped to cross the line, etc.).

When more than two teams participate, you can also set up a playing field in the shape of a triangle or a square.

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