Laurel and Hardy

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Laurel and Hardy
Type: active game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: paper band
Duration: a few minutes
Preparation: none

Laurel and Hardy is an active game.


  • paper bands and adhesive tape


Each player gets a band of paper fixed around his upper arm. He may only participate in the game as long as this band is not removed by another player.

Each player gets a certain name assigned. Those names create groups of players by names that belong together (Laurel and Hardy, Caesar and Cleopatra, Fred and Wilma, etc.). You can also create larger groups; all of them should be of equal size, though. Each player only knows his own name.

During the game, all players have to attack the other players. They try to remove the paper band of the other players. Players in the same team should not attack each other, though. So, first everybody tries to find out the roles of the other players by asking them their roles. Everybody should disclose his role when asked by another player.

The last team to survive wins the game.