Killer ball

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Killer ball
Type: dodgeball game
Number of players: 12 or more
Location: playing field
Equipment: a soft ball
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

killer ball is a Dodgeball game for two competing teams. Each team should have at least 6 members.


  • one soft ball
  • probably markers for the borders of the playing field (ropes, etc.)


Both teams are standing in their own fields. The members of the teams have to hit each other with the ball. A player hit by the ball (without catching it, of course) has to leave the playing field. When a player of the opposite time has been hit, one player may resume to participate (the one that has been out of the game for the longest time).


  • you can also play this game one one playing field, where the teams may move around freely. Passing the ball between the players of one team might (or might not) be allowed.
  • You can also revive players upon one of their colleagues catching a thrown ball (instead of reviving when one of the opposite players is hit).

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