Killer among us

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Killer among us
Type: communication game
Number of players: any number
Location: everywhere
Equipment: pen and paper
Duration: longer duration, but along the way of the other program
Preparation: none

Killer among us is a communication game, that can be played alongside the normal program over a longer period of time, probably even days.


  • one sheet of paper and a pen for the public list of killed people.


After explaining the rules to the participants, the trainers secretly select one player to be the killer (you can also use playing cards for that, or other similar methods). Of course, nobody knows who the killer is.

The task of the killer is to assassinate all the other participants. To do so, he can simply tell them that they are dead, or show them his card proving he is the killer. All the killed participants note their death (their own name, time and location of the killing) on the sheet of paper. They wait for some time (10 to 20 minutes) after the killing to do that, so it is not immediately obvious who killed them.

Of course, the killer cannot just kill everybody. As he wants to stay undiscovered, he can only kill when no witnesses are present. As he can kill only one person at a time, in fact, he can usually only kill while being alone in the room with his victim. Note, however, that only active players count - so, already dead people are no witness and thus cannot prevent a killing.

Those players that are killed of course may in no way disclose who the killer is.

How many people can the killer assassinate before they suspect him and totally avoid being alone with him?


You can add a certain method how to expose the killer. This has to be done in a very balanced way, as it is often quite easy to identify him, but not to avoid him. The whole game is rather about the paranoia of not getting killed, then of identifying the actual killer.

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