I am sitting in the green and love

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I am sitting in the green and love
Type: attention game, icebreaker, name learning game
Number of players: about 10 to 20
Location: circle of chairs
Equipment: chairs
Duration: arbitrary (usually a few minutes)
Preparation: none

I am sitting in the green and love is a simple game while sitting in a circle. As you need the names of the participants, the game can also be used as ice breaker game for training the names of the participants. The game is a more active variant of the game my left chair is empty.


You need chairs for this game, one chair more than participants.


The players are sitting in the circle on chairs, one chair is empty. The player left of the free chair starts the game. He moves over to the free chair and says:

I am sitting ...

Then, the next player also moves to the then free chair and says:

... in the green ...

Again, the next player moves and says:

... and love ...

And yet another one:

... quite secretly ...

Finally, the next player to move to the empty chair calls out the name of any other participant (none of his neighbors).

The player called must then move to the free spot. His neighbors have to prevent him from moving there, though. They may hold him and try to keep him where he currently is. Be sure to add some additional rules so the game does not get violent!

In any case, there is an empty chair again. A new round starts ...