Hiking toilet paper

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Hiking toilet paper
Type: Group dynamics game, coordination game
Number of players: any number
Location: during a hiking tour
Equipment: one roll of toilet paper per team
Duration: longer, but while hiking
Preparation: none

The hiking toilet paper is a group dynamic coordination game that can be played during a hiking tour. It is played for a longer time, but while walking.


  • Each group needs one roll of toilet paper (or a part of)
  • Additionally, you probably need adhesive tape


Each team gets a certain part of the paper roll. The longer their part is, the harder it gets for them.

Their task is to carry the paper with them without destroying it. They have to unroll it and neither fold it, nor roll it up again. They have to carry it around together ins some way so they don't destroy the paper. If you want to ensure they play by the rules, you can also use adhesive tape to fix the paper to their arms or so.