Herder ball

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Herder ball
Type: ball game
Number of players: any number
Location: playing field
Equipment: one bigger ball, many smaller (tennis) balls
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: none

Herder ball is a ball game for two competing groups. A ball has to be moved to the enemy goal, without touching it.


  • one larger ball (not too heavy)
  • many smaller balls (like tennis balls)
  • to goals or similar markers


The two teams have to try and move the large ball into the opponent's goal. They may not touch it, but may only move it by shooting the smaller balls on it. Any player touching the larger ball is out of the game.


  • Each team can be split into two kinds of players: shooters and collectors. The shooters may not move, but only shoot the small balls towards the large ball. The collectors may only collect the small balls and forward them to the shooters.