Harvesting carrots

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Harvesting carrots
Type: active game
Number of players: 10 or more
Location: clean floor
Equipment: none
Duration: short
Preparation: none

Harvesting carrots is a short game that neither requires preparation nor any equipment. However, you need a clean and flat floor to play the game.


You need a clean and flat floor, where people can lay down on.


The players lay down on the floor, face down. They form a circle, their heads facing inwards. They link their arms with their neighbor's arms. All those players on the floor are the "carrots".

One player is the rabbit. He tries to steal one of the carrots, by pulling it out of the field. If he is successful and the carrot loses its contact to the field (the other players), this carrot transforms into a rabbit and begins to steal carrots, too. The field of carrots of course closes the gap as quickly as possible by linking arms again.