Haptic Kim

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Haptic Kim
Type: kim's game
Number of players: 1 to 10
Location: anywhere
Equipment: several different objects, blanket
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Preparation: none

The haptic Kim's game is a Kim's game that challenges and exercises the haptics sense sense of the participants.


To play the game, you need:

  • several (about 10) different object; it does not matter what they are, but the participants should be able to identify them by just touching them
  • additionally, you need something to hide the objects, like a blanket, a bag, or something alike


The objects are put on a table and are covered with the blanket. The referee explains the game. Then, the first player may put his hands below the blanket and try to identify the objects by touching them. Nobody may yet name the objects; all players have to remember the objects. One player after the other may continue to touch the objects.

When all players have finished, they discuss their discoveries and try to identify all objects. Are they able to identify and remember all of them?

Similar games

  • A variant of this game is the coin kim where different coins have to be identified just by touching them