Handicap course

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Handicap course
Type: coordination game
Number of players: any number
Location: playing field (usually indoors)
Equipment: obstacles (ropes, chairs, tables, ...)
Duration: 30 minutes or longer
Preparation: prepare the obstacle course

The handicap course combines an obstacle course with the pedagogic element of teaching the respect for impaired persons. All the participants simulate one kind of handicap, together they try to finish the obstacle course.


  • obstacles (for an obstacle course; but also real-world obstacles for impaired, like opening a bottle, calling a number on a phone while being blind, etc.)
  • blindfolds
  • earmuffs
  • wheelchair


The trainers prepare an obstacle course. It should contain obstacles of different kinds. Some obstacles should challenge the blind, some the deaf, some with impaired mobility, some the players who have impaired arms, etc.


Then, the group has to finish the course. They have to try and solve as much as possible on their own; if a task turns out to be too hard, some other person from the group may help.

Note that this is not a game of speed (who is the first to complete the course?) but rather tries to allow the participants to sense the limitations of someone physically impaired.