Ha Ha Ha

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Ha Ha Ha
Type: attention game
Number of players: best with 10 to 20 players
Location: everywhere, standing in a circle
Equipment: none
Duration: arbitrary (usually a few minutes)
Preparation: none

Ha Ha Ha is a simple attention game for groups of any size. It can be played with three players or more, but is usually most fun with 10 to 20 players.


You don't need any equipment.


All players are standing in a circle. One player, probably the trainer, starts (let's call this person A):

  • A folds his hands, and raises his arms above his head. He shouts "ha" during that.
  • Immediately after that, his two neighbors fold their arms as well and throw them towards his belly. They should NOT hit him! They, too, shout "ha".
  • After that, player A lowers his arms, pointing towards another person (B). Again, he shouts "ha".

Then, another round starts immediately, with B starting it.

All this should be done in a fast, cyclic pace. Neither the starting player nor his neighbors should take too much time to execute their move. If any of them take longer than a second or so to react, or don't react at all, or do a wrong move, they are out of the game.

Similar games

  • The toaster game is quite similar, but offers more different moves to execute.