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Type: calm tag game
Number of players: best 10-20
Location: darkened playing field (indoors)
Equipment: blindfolds
Duration: several minutes
Preparation: none

Goofy is a calm tag game for any number of players (best with 10 to 20). It can be played in completely darkened room or with blindfolds.


You either need a room completely darkened, or blindfolds for all participating players.


One player is selected to be the Goofy. All players move around the room. When you use blindfolds, the Goofy need not necessarily wear them.

Whenever two players meet in the room, they ask "Are you Goofy?" When both players ask, none of them are Goofies, then they just continue. Goofy himself of course does not ask (he already knows the answer), thus the players ask him the have asked Goofy. Then, the player queues behind Goofy and removes his blindfolds.

Goofy (and the queue behind him) tries to evade the other players. The blindfolded players try to become Goofies as fast as possible, thus try to find Goofy (or the line of Goofies behind him). The game should be a very calm one. So, while everybody tries to find Goofy, nobody should run around, but move slowly and silently.