Fire water storm

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Fire water storm
Type: active game
Number of players: any
Location: best: gymnastics room
Equipment: several bigger objects
Duration: arbitrary
Preparation: position the objects

Fire Water Storm is an active game. It is usually played in gymnastic halls, but can be played at other locations, too.


  • several larger objects like benches, tables, chairs, mattresses or similar.


The players are moving around the room, nobody may stand still. The referee now shouts one of a predefined list of emergency warnings (like: "fire", "water", "storm", etc.). The players have to react accordingly; whoever is last to fulfill the task is out of the game. Then, the next round starts.

Typical emergencies are:

  • fire: The players lie flat on the ground and shield their head with their arms and hands
  • water: Nobody may touch the floor, everybody must reach higher ground (like a table, wall bars, climbing frame, etc.)
  • storm: Everybody must hold on some stable object

Of course, additional emergency situations can be added to the game.